About Don Tolman

Don Tolman is an author, public speaker, trainer, educator, entertainer and experimental nutritional-eating researcher. He has written multiple books on a variety of skill-specific mental functions and self-improvement topics. He has been a coach and mentor for key personnel with Xerox, General Motors, and Pitney Bowes corporations.

Don Tolman has spoken to more than 1,000 audiences in all 50 states of America and in 7 foreign countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

His media credits include more than 50 radio and TV talk show appearances per year.

He has been a return guest on the Donahue Show, Entertainment Tonight and ABC Talk Radio in the US and Mornings with Kerri-Anne, Today Tonight in Australia and the Good-Morning Show in New Zealand.


Don’s commitment to learning about health and the human body is so passionate that he has completed a 40 day water-only fast, 3 times now and has also inspired many others through this incredible, health-transforming experience.

In 1995, after 40 days on water alone, Don drank one quart of fresh-squeezed grape juice and then ran a 26-mile marathon. This feat was documented, supervised, and filmed by the Hollywood film company Motion Media and the L.A. Film Factory.

In 2006, in Australia he jammed switchboards after appearing on Channel 10 and in New Zealand a planned 5 minute TV interview on The Good-Morning Show extended for 35 minutes, such was the interest in Don’s powerful message.

The late Earl Nightingale once said, “If George Carlin (legendary stand-up comedian) and Albert Einstein had a son, it would be Don Tolman.

TV talk show host, Phil Donahue recently stated, “Like what he says or not; it’s people like Don Tolman who, in their own unique way, will impact social change.”

Don is a distinguished communications facilitator and vocabulary-enhancement trainer. He has studied in-depth, areas of applied behavioral and cognitive science, as well as neurology, semiotics, operant conditioning and Gestalt Theorem.

Don has a passion for creating applied technique curriculum’s of accelerated learning for children, as well as arcane and esoteric approaches to enhancing mental capacities.

Over the past 30 years, through his own research, experimentation and observation with nutrition and extended fasting, Don has been able to apply his wisdom in assisting many cancer patients to return to full health without invasive, conventional medical treatments.  Don now passionately shares the messages of Self-Care and Self-Education globally through a series of live events and seminars.