Don Tolman Testimonials

The Truest Truths and ancient wisdoms of our ancestors have helped to change lives and remiss health conditions for many people around the world. Some of the most amazing and inspiring stories are shared below.







Hi Don, I just want to let you know that for the first time in years I am finding all my hard work is paying off.

As you know I have been suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia and started my journey 6 years ago beginning with a 2 week water fast to heal this thing which at times had me thinking that I could not go on with the pain for the rest of my life like this. After learning from you about the damage to the mylein sheath and my own research (which was inspired by you) then learning the hard way about the effects of radiation, mould and exposure to heavy mercury poisoning (I had them all!) I began to target these areas by minimizing, and apply methods as suggested by you in my quest to get better. It's been a long journey and now I can't tell you how wonderful it feels not to be in excruciating pain and suffering like I constantly was. I also have to tell you I believe your 24 karat gold salt (which I just love) and the golden seal oil has helped enormously. The golden seal was the only thing which I have tried over the 20 years I was afflicted with this condition that helped ease the pain.

Thank you so much for coming into my life Don at a critical time in my life. It brings me to tears when I think of the suffering or even death (from the truckloads of medication I had been on and caused more health issues) I would have faced if I had not met you that first night in 2008 when I heard you speak in Brisbane. I knew then and there that this was the way I was going to go. And I love it!

Ever grateful

- Kathy


I had had a skin cancer surgically removed about 15 years prior and many others burnt (of course I would never do that now)...but here's the deal the skin cancer will come back if you don't correct what is wrong inside your body - for me I was highly acidic as a result of heavy medication and other factors. The skin cancer did come back for me in another area. I did a 2 week water fast and it cleared and never came back - that was 6 years ago. I changed my diet to vegetarian high raw foods too. This is the key to remaining cancer free

- Kathy


You have had the biggest impact on my life as well as my 3 children. we are living  a really good life eating the best whole foods available and we can see the difference. Thank You  Don

- Ganas


Hi Dianna,

I wanted to say although I am not participating in Don't weekly webinars live, I am downloading them and listening to them every week. I am really enjoying the content covered and the opportunity for Don to share his wide knowledge and wisdom about all manner of topics, above and beyond the food/health arena. So thanks to you and all the team for your role in this program as well.
All the best,

- Sally


I have a general comment for Don

This past weekend I flew from Boston to San Diego, California to spend 2 days with Don at Boot Camp for Brains.

I have seen Don speak before at a couple of events and am a ringleader listening to him on the webinars, watching many of his You-Tube videos, spreading the message he is passionate about and living the 7 principles myself, leading by example.

This weekend was like nothing, yes nothing like I have ever experienced before.

I spent the last couple of years searching to overcome challenges. I have had along with seeking out wisdom to add to my own, to create a better person of not only myself but to help others experience this also.

What I saw and experienced this weekend was worth the effort of "sifting" through all the miss-guided information and half truths in my journey to better myself and finally after all that searching finding Don and the truest of truths that he shares with us.

Cowboy Don, I will never be the same again. Your passion, your wisdom, your commitment, your drive, your love, your enthusiasm, your cowboy humor has raised the bar, breaking me free of the chains and binders of miss-understanding into one of understanding the truest of truths.

Now is the time to spread the message that you spent all those years searching for and am so excited and thrilled to be part of the self-care revolution.


- Tim Smith

Thank you so much Dianna for your lovely words, I really appreciate it.  It’s certainly easy to have moments of doubt when things don’t feel as though they are getting better, however, yes you are right, I have achieved a lot!  
I am just so grateful for Don’s wonderful words of wisdom, and I use them to keep me inspired to keep going on the natural path to health, which I know without a doubt is the right way, and so very empowering.
Much love, health and happiness to you.  May you have a lovely, relaxing Christmas, and a wonderful 2012.

- Hilary x





Love what you do. I was always gifted with nature . . . the truth, love and passion. Somehow I had my world from divine ended psychic reversal down the tunnel. I am not even fully back to what I was and I know that now. I loved my gifts with all my heart and I'm eternally grateful that I share my love in the world. AND THAT ‘S OKAY . . . I know.

So thank you so much for the warm loving letter once again and you just see it when people don’t understand.

- Estelle


My Dears Amber and Don,

Thank you so very much Don for giving me a wonderful hour of your time. My family and I are so lucky to know you. My children are anxious for me to stay well and perhaps to last for ever.

My Barby buys me rings and calls them contracts with me, I do not intended to default and I will try to stay around for as long as my clear thinking stays with me. Even my two Grandchildren love me. I am lucky to be so blessed.

My Grandson Joshua just turned 21-years, he received the 2 magnificent books of yours, PHARMACIST DESK REFERENCE. My Granddaughter who is 19 years looked at my books and reads parts out to her father, I asked her if she would like such a set. 'Oh yes please' of course I bought them for her.

The whole family participates, and loves advising other people, what they should be doing. I am happy that my children are interested and live by your wisdom.

I can carry out anything when I say I will.

My Love and thank you again. Dear Don, You Are Great, I am so very Lucky to Know You.

- June


I really appreciate all the help I have been receiving from you all and look forward to being able to further promote Don's teaching. I have been pleasantly surprised at the positive reception I have been receiving from people who have not been previously exposed to this form of 'self-help'.

- Brian


I love, love, love the newest batch of Tropical Pulse you sent us!!!  The texture & taste are phenomenal, the cocunut flavor yum, please keep it up. I am 16.5 lbs lighter thanks to Pulse & Water. Thanks for all that you and your amazing family do together to change our lives and the world at large!

- Deb


My question last week was about my partner’s fungal ear infection.  We have used the onion treatment daily, and made up the 50% garlic oil and virgn olive oil drops and he uses them 3 times a day.   I am pleased to report his ear is slowly improving.  That is fantastic.  He totally dropped the prescribed pharamaceutial and went straight onto Don’s prescripton.  Yeah.

- Karen


Thanks Dianna, for what you & Dom do as part of the Tolman Team! You & Don are making a big difference in the world!  I am thrilled & feel the best I have ever felt in my life!  

Have a wonderful, magical holiday

- Hugs, Deb


May God Bless you for the work you've done and the work you've yet to do, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

- Regards, Will


You guys just make me happy.  What good you're doing. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!  I have shared soooooooo much info with SOOOOO many people. And it's exciting.  You're such a blessing.  :)

- Jennifer


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I'm excited and can't wait for these awesome gifts I'm buying with my Christmas money. Thank you so much Don for all you do. I play your D Talkz to my students and they LOVE it! Its really sad how far we've come from the simple truths and you make it so clear for all to understand. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Michelle


Hi Don,

Thank-you for the work you do to promote healing , health and well being to people everywhere. I thank you the most for telling the TRUTH and spreading the WORD. You are a maverick and have my respect and have inspired me!  All the best to you and your family.

- Dina :)


Hi Dianna

In regard to the person on the call today, wanting to remove excess weight.
(I am impressed that they spoke about removing 'excess' and not 'loosing' - for when you lose something, you will eventually find it again and that's why "Weight Lose" programmes do not work long term)).

I hold the opinion that we need to focus on our body fat level more than our weight ..... as Don pointed out, muscle weighs more than fat.

I personal have means to measure fat using calipers. The most effective method to use in a very general way, is to measure your waist.

Yes, I do keep an eye on my weight but also in combination with waist measurement and fat levels.

Harder to do as I have got 'more mature' (that's old).

That is my 'two cents worth' on the subject!

My next step for me, is to add pulse to my diet and to make it 80% + of the content for a minimum of a six month period - then measure the results.

I appreciate and find it a privilege to be able to be on the calls. Very difficult for me to do what I want when I am surrounded by people who are in the "Sickness Industry", but Diane still gives me support I need. I feel that as I am getting more healthy and happy, they are all taking note and watching.

I am really impressed at Don's knowledge and caring style of presentation. Please pass-on my thanks to Don.

My thanks to you also, for all the work you do for us and your support.

- Brian


Hello Sifu Don,

I'm sure you get tons of these types of letters/emails all the time so I just wanted to add to that pile if I may and share my story.

Ever since I was a little kid, I would (naturally) question authority.  I was never a brat about it, and I usually always did what I was told, but I always had, "why", or, "that doesn't make sense", in the back of my head.  The 2 things I remember the most were thinking, "how do pain killers work?", and, "if foods grow in nature, they must do something special in the body".  I tried to learn what I could with the little resources I had access to, but eventually stopped when I started college and got really busy.  But that spark never fully faded.

Fast forward about 10 years (2010).  I had the pleasure and honor of meeting one of the most interesting and most fun guys ever, Mr. Glen Levy!  He came to LA to shoot National Geographic, and while he was in town, he helped teach a stunt workshop at the wushu school/production studio I managed.  His knowledge of the body, how to heal it and how to break it, not only re-ignited my quest for answers, it punched and kicked it back to the top of my to-do list!  I started studying acupressure because of him when he made the pain in my back go away in just 2 minutes.

Sometime after that, Glen started blogging about doing "The Hercules Diet" for 10 days and his experience caught my attention again.  While reading the comments on his blog, someone asked where they can get pulse and that's when Glen wrote "google Don Tolman".  Little did I know at the time that those three words would drastically change my life.  

I went online, googled your name, found your son Tyler, tried the 30 day adventure, and wow.  Just... wow.  I have never felt so good in my life.  I lost weight, had TONS of energy, and was getting complements from everyone not just on losing weight but just looking better in general.  They would say my skin looks better, I look like I'm more alert and have more energy, and that I look much happier.  I was.  

Eventually I purchased the FDR (all of them), and started listening to your podcasts, and sharing your knowledge with everyone who would listen.  I have turned many friends and family away from supplements and pharmaceutical drugs.  If they didn't turn away completely they at least they now give it a second thought.  They all also started eating healthier, all in good timing too because they started having babies!  I have friends and family call me every once in a while about how to cure this and that.  Just last night my brother was asking me about fasting because he wanted to try it.  But most of all I'm happy that I have been able to get rid of many toxins in my life like supplements, medications, fluoride, and some people (unfortunately).  But most of all I'm happy that my relationship with my wife is much, much better now because of my state of mind and new outlook on life.

I'm still not to where I want to be.  I still eat and drink junk (It's hard, I live in Texas now, vegetarians are shunned in these parts, haha), but at least it's nowhere near what I used to do (and back then I considered myself to have a generally healthy diet).  I at least am now fully aware of it and slowly making those changes as well as being a shining example to others.  I have also made one of my goals this year to hand feed an apple to a deer.  I saw the video of you doing it and I want to see if I can manage that too.

I wanted just to say thank you for dedicating your life to seeking the truth about whole food medicine and putting it out there for the good of the world.  Also a big thank you for the Ringleaders program that I am excited to be a part of, the Tolman Academy Online that I was dying to get into (I was almost done with the 7 Principals when I somehow lost all my work), blasted!  And another big thank you for the very informative, and entertaining, webinars, especially you allowing us to come crying to you with all our problems.

Thank you Cowboy Don.  The journey continues...

- Erik Crow


Don, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you kindly for being who you are for this world.

In the past year you have given yourself and your knowledge selflessly to me and my family. I cannot ever repay for you what you have helped my family receive.

Just an update for you on my mothers four cancers...All seem to be doing better than when initially evaluated in january 2010 when we first spoke. Her blood work and rescans suggest declines in the tumor size and growth. The doctor is surprised according to my father. My dad is pleased at the diet/nutritional approach we are taking. my mother is still eating potatoes, asparagus, h202 etc.....the cancer is not gone yet but she has regained 15 pounds of energetic tissue in her body since this summer, continues to work everyday, be a mommy, daughter and grandmom with great vigor!!! Her faith and your guidance I am sure are the leading causes of her prolonged time with us.

I cannot say for sure how long she will continue trending upwards in health, but my hopes and prayers are for a long, long time. At this point we are six months past the D day the doctor expected, and for that I have a huge disdain for western medicine.

I am gracious and humbled by your expertise. thank you and Merry Christmas sir.

- Lance


I cut down my nightly dose of Ambien from 1/2 to 1/4 when I heard you talk at the Expo. 'scared me straight'....after a week of 1/4 dose, I started going one night completely off, one night on....had the 'day from Hell" when I called you...then, in the last week...I've been off it 5 days and on 1 day...sleeping intermittently throughout the night but good news is that I don't have the 'Ambien horror nightmares' that i used to experience on the rare nights that I slept without it...I'm waking up tired but I know in time, my body will be able to sleep I thank you for your inspiring me to get off of it.

In appreciation,

- Dawna


From the first day I bought the FDR in 2006 it sat on my kitchen table for years and was a point of reference and topic of discussion constantly in my home. It literally changed my life and when I read the adverse effects of eating dead animals, the very next day I became a vegetarian - have never looked back.

- Kathy Hughes


Dear Don,
I am on my second day of the 28 day Health Recovery. A customer of my clothing store was telling me about it when her husband Owen was given just a few months to live with prostrate cancer which had gone in to the bones. He did the 28 days and now is healthy as a buck rat! They brought the FDR around for me to read and the dvd.

- Marlena Odgers


Hi Don,

I wanted to share with you what we love about you & your work since meeting you last July at the Rich Dad forum in Las Vegas:

  • We love how you share your knowledge & gifts in your published books & CD's. Deb & I have been studying your work for months & trying new ideas.
  • We love your sense of humor.
  • We love your passion for life & helping others.
  • We love your stories.
  • We love your funny text messages.
  • We love the peanut oil. YUMMY!
  • We love having a peanut kinda day!
  • We love Cowboy breakfast.
  • We love how you inspired us to love the sun, sun bath daily, & no longer get sun burn.
  • I love the H2O2. The spots on my skin are finally clearing up. Yeahhh!
  • We love how you inspired us to go vegetarian & we feel happy, healthy, & terrific.
  • I love drinking a cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice daily. Completed 45 out of 90 days.
  • We love referring your website & work to help family & friends feel better.
  • We love how our confidence has grown to heal & care for our amazing bodies.
  • We love everything about you & your work.

Have a peanut kinda day!

- Barry & Deb


To Everyone at The Don Tolman,

Thank you for your advice and thank you for showing me what self-care (and caring for others) means and how simplified you make it for me.

I am very grateful and are forever praising all your efforts to anyone I get the chance to mention it to.


- Sandy

Hiya Don and everyone,
Congratulations on the website – it’s fantastic and to think this is only the beginning- WOW
I am so excited and proud to be in on the ground floor of this amazing concept which is led by an amazing man and his own family and his worldwide family.
Don, you seem so "centred” these days.  It’s really obvious that you’re so happy and focused now that you’re heading in your own direction and you’re enjoying the ride.
I’ve been a huge fan of yours for about 5 years now.
My partner and daughter love you too.
Lots of love from us
- Anney xxx

Hey Cowboy Don
My daughter, Serena and I have turned around our lives for the better – we have been vegetarians for over 2 years and a month ago we took it one step further and became vegans for a year!  We started off by just eating fruit and have very slowly added back fresh vegetables.  Both of us are looking fabulous.
We make our own soy milk, tofu and soysage from fresh organic soy beans – I have never liked store bought soy milk but fresh home-made soy milk is delicious.  Now that we have simplified our lives we now have time to feed ourselves properly.
How we arrived at this space was reading the books by Arnold Ehrmet and Fit For Life by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. 
Having said all that, we are happy about the direction we have taken.  So 8th August 2012 we’ll see whether we feel like eggs, cheese and milk again!!  I’m missing raw milk and eggs terribly!
We are also distilling our water for drinking, rinsing dishes and water our faces.  Water out of the tap smells and tastes poisonous!  Is this the right thing to be doing?
Don, since meeting you we have changed.  Thank you for coming into our hearts and lives.  We both feel open to any opportunity which comes our way.
With much love

- Meriel & Serena  XXXOOOXXX


I just read your news about the change of the website and have to share something serious with you.  I know, this is a little out of character for me and there will be no punch line at the end but I'm going to admit that I really, really admire your tenacity in the way you promote your business.  Although your product is you, you don't market the product in a self serving way.  There is a bit of aggrandizing but it comes across as bio and not brag.  It's fact instead of fiction and comes naturally instead of being an affectation - even if it is mixed with an entertaining western twang that I find refreshing.  I've always liked you and you remain among the Top 10 Characters that i've had the fortune to meet and befriend in my life.  I'm 100% behind you but, unfortunately, my support has to come in the form of being a loud voice in the cheering section of your fan club rather than as a sponsor.
Please keep me on your list forever.
Your pal

- Bill


Thank you so much for your information I read your books often.  I have been through cancer twice and when something fewls wrong now I go to my books by you, what a change in my life! Thank you for doing and changing my life . I try to keep healthy the best way I can.

Thank you

- Connie


Hi Dianna,

I really appreciate your help.

I wanted to tell you about what happened yesterday at school. Don talked about looking at a color like red for a minute, then looking at something white immediately and seeing another color, then eating something that color before the sun goes down. Well we had a student with a total melt-down yesterday and the process worked! He slammed and screamed through the classroom and stormed outside. I've known of this child since he was in third grade and have seen his temper grow as much as he has. Now as a fifth grader he's as tall as I am, (and maybe stronger).

I checked to make sure he wasn't running away, but he was sitting against the wall wailing loudly. I waited until the crying got quieter, then nabbed a piece of red and white paper and went out to join him. He's always had to go home before when he's had these episodes, and he wanted to now. I asked if he wanted to get rid of a little bit of his anger, but he said no he wanted to keep it.

I told him that was too bad because anger weakens every cell in his body, and I knew he wanted to be strong. Told him to give me his fingers and I'd vibrate out just a little bit so he could talk to me. Told him how the vibrational technique had worked for the little girl in our classroom who has startle reflex and had such a startle response that she was jumping all the time at any little sound.

While I was doing that I told him about this amazing cowboy who knew how to get anger out of the body. Asked him if his anger had a color what would it be? He was quick with the answer. So I had him stare at a point on the piece of red paper for a minute while I counted the seconds off. I worried a little because his eyes kept dropping, but I just redirected him. Then I told him to look at the white paper. What color? White. Look again. Oh it's blue!

So then we tried to think of blue foods. Popsicle? We don't do those at our house. Blueberries? Disgusting. So I told him to imagine he was eating an illegal blue popsicle. How can I do that when it's so hot? (It was over 100 degrees) Had him go sit in the shade on the steps to the classroom opposite, and since one of the other speakers at the Longevity conference talked about the benefits of grounding I had him put one hand directly in the dirt to give all that anger back to the earth. He sat out there eating his pretend blue popsicle for ten minutes then came back in smiling. He has never had a recovery like that, and this was his biggest melt-down ever. Tell

Don thank you, that was an amazing technique!