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Since your here you’ve probably heard how I’ve helped people assist themselves out of stage 4 cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and every other life style related dis-ease through learning the principles of self-care and applying the wisdom and secrets of ancient civilisations that I discovered whilst travelling the world for 17 years on my mission in understanding true health.

I've had so many people ask me “how’d you do it?” and “can you show me how to I can have the same amazing results and health for family and I?” that I decided to put together this membership program. It’s a step by step program where I show you exactly what you need to do to become the 'master crafter of your own health' without the uncertainty and fear that surrounds the cause of dis-ease in today’s modern society.

Congratulations for following your intuition and making it this far. The decision to start your journey in embracing the principles of health could very well be one of the greatest changes you ever make in your life. It has been for so many people I have worked with and it is my mission to put the power of healing back into your hands so that you live a long, healthy and happy life.

As a member of Don Tolman's Ringleader Membership
Here's what you'll get:

It is our mission to put the power of self-care and healing back into you and your family’s hands and to abolish the fears and tragic statistics of dis-ease that exist in today’s modern society

We can’t do this alone.

You do have the power to live happy, healthy, dis-ease free lives. We have seen it time and time again. Our testimonials are proof. And those people, just by learning and applying the simple principles of health, have had a ripple effect onto their family and the people around them.

We are so passionate about this that we want you and your family to not have any excuse not to have vibrant, vital health. We know if you are strong and healthy, you’re more likely to be happy and hearty.

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So what does all this mean financially?

To access what amounts to more than $19,588 worth of information and hands-on training at, the cost is NORMALLY $2,376 for a whole 12 months.

And NORMALLY you’d be able to pay it off monthly (that’s just $198 per month).

At events and Seminars we really love to reward those who take action so we normally reduce that figure down to $148 per month or $1480 upfront which is a massive saving already.

We want to offer the First 100 people to join our program for just $980 per year and not only do we want give them to it for that low price, but those who buy today will stay on that low price for as long as they stay on the membership!

Yes, just $980 for all the information you’ll need to ensure that you and your family are healthy, happy and dis-ease free!

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As an extra bonus, your life partner is automatically entitled to FREE membership to the Don Tolman Ringleaders Membership.

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So that’s effectively two memberships for the price of one.

...We are genuinely passionate about seeing you and your family healthy. It is our mission.

We understand that health is not just for yourself, but for your entire family and that means both you and your partner can make that difference for your family.

We also understand that this isn't just something you do once or for a weekend or for even a month. A commitment to your health and your family's health has to be founded in self-care and health habits which is why we have made this Step by Step, Ease-To-Use Membership Program weekly baby steps over an entire year.

We have tried many other ways to help our clients but this has proven to be by far the best way to create long lasting change not just in the next year, but for the rest of your life.

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So now you basically have two choices

1) You can continue to scour the internet and try to put all the pieces together without the certainty and the support of a team who has proven results AND at the cost of you and your family’s health

2) Or you can pay just once upfront (at a fraction of the market value) and have everything available to you in an easy to follow, step by step, practical way so that your health is in the best hands possible.

This should be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make. We can't imagine anyone who was really serious about their health not jumping on this opportunity.

So don’t be the last one to sign up (and get stuck paying the higher price).

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Well, here’s what you need to do.

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And get ready to enjoy the happy and healthy life you were born to have. We look forward to seeing you  online in our member webinars.

Warm regards,

Don Tolman


P.S The power is in your hands. With this information you decide if you want to go back to the doctor!

P.P.S The price of the yearly membership is likely to rise. But if you join now, you’ll pay the much lower price forever more.

P.P.P.S Got some questions about the membership? Click here for the frequently asked questions page.